GenISys develops, markets and supports software solutions for the optimization of lithography and inspection for nano fabrication processes
GenISys develops, markets and supports software solutions for the optimization of lithography and inspection for nano fabrication processes
Software for superior e-Beam Lithography:
Data Preparation,Fracturing, PEC and Process Correction
Lithography 3D Simulation Software:
Mask and process optimization platform for projection stepper, proximity aligner, laser and e-beam
Extending the limits of Laser Lithography:
Correction for gray-scale laser lithography for HIMT
Monte Carlo simulation to compute point-spread-function (PSF) and perform process calibration for electron beam proximity effect correction (PEC).
Advanced Contour-based Pattern Metrology Software including Automated Image Acquisition for SEM

GenISys - Advancing the Standard

We provide flexible, high-performance software solutions for the optimization of micro and nano fabrication as well as metrology and inspection, to give engineers, manufacturers, and tool suppliers unparalleled efficiency and optimal value in research, development, and production of future nano technologies.

BEAMER, introduced in 2006, has become the de-facto standard for e-beam direct write pattern processing. Most major nano-fabrication centers worldwide use BEAMER and TRACER to push the limits of their processes and applications. By combining powerful layout operation, comprehensive proximity & process correction, superior curved fracturing, field positioning and write sequence control, BEAMER enables a wide-range of demanding applications.

Our 3D lithography simulation software LAB, first introduced for proximity lithography, has become a key enabler for the flat panel display industry. LAB has been extended to cover projection (stepper), laser, and e-beam lithography, and is currently the most comprehensive OPC and simulation platform.

MASKER is a mask data preparation software package optimized for highest productivity and quality especially for masks in the application areas of displays, photonics, IoT and special devices. MASKER is extending the proven BEAMER technology for non-Manhattan layout handling and advanced proximity/ process correction by a superior hierarchy engine and rule- and model-based MPC for laser and e-beam mask exposure.

For metrology and inspection, GenISys first introduced ProSEM in 2017. It provides versatile and consistent offline analysis in particular for SEM images, with advanced contour detection and great ease-of-use. ProSEM helps getting more results from your images and improves the utilization of the SEM with automated image acquisition and metrology.

InSPEC is a new SEM metrology and inspection solution connecting to a SEM through digital and analog interfaces providing full control of beam shaping, stage navigation, and image scanning. Advanced multi-chip jobs become possible with the integrated workflow of scanning, contour detection, corrections, and data processing. InSPEC is the upgrade kit for your SEM to convert it into a versatile and sophisticated metrology tool for supporting nanofabrication of novel patterns and devices.


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