Integrated SEM Metrology

and Inspection


In SEM metrology for nanofabrication, there is an increasing demand for sophisticated and automated approaches while maintaining versatility.

InSPEC offers an advanced solution for upgrading a SEM into an integrated tool for metrology and inspection.



  • your SEM for dedicated metrology
  • integration while keeping versatility



  • SEM utilization and productivity
  • metrology data and results output



  • data quality and consistency
  • control over processes and devices



  • multi-chip large area monitoring
  • modular metrology and evaluation jobs



Setup and Main Features


InSPEC is integrated with the SEM tool using a combination of digital and analog interfaces.

It consists of

  • Dedicated software suite
  • PC and monitor
  • Hardware unit for scanning and I/O
  • SEM interface specific cables
  • Offline software licenses

The workflow is along five main modes for global and local definitions, direct SEM tool control, job execution, and results review or tuning. Representations of this are given in the short introduction movie below and the five pictures.


Introduction Movie


Global Mode
Local Mode
SEM Live Mode
Run Mode
Results Mode